APPENDIX IV: T-space Speeds:

-By: Fireangel

In order to simplify things, I’ve made the following table based on the Space Travel section in the Legionnaire rulebook (pp. 112-7).

The term “month” is very common in the text, while somewhat vaguely expressed, it is clear that the rules define “One Month” as “725 Hours”, which is the maximum time that can be spent in T-Space before dying from Tau Shimmer.

Table 1 determines how long it takes an FTL ship to cross 1 LY (as the basic foundation) and 50 LY (the basic “square” in county maps) at entry speeds between 30 hexes/turn and 750 hexes/turn, plus how long it takes a ship to reach the entry speed based on its thrust rating. (1 hex = 75km, 1 turn = 5 min. [hexes/turn x 900 = kph])

Table IEdit

T-space velocity table 01 by Sings-With-Spirits

The FormulaEdit

The formula for determining minimum length of voyage:

  1. Divide time (in hours) by 725, discard fractions (ex: 805.3/725 = = 1), result is voyage length in months. (The fraction shall be dealt with below.)
  2. Double this number. This yields the number of months of actual travel plus the number of months of rest to eliminate tau shimmer. (ex: 1 = 2 months)
  3. Multiply the base number (in the example, this equals 1) by 725 (in our example = 725) and subtract this number from the original time (in hours); this yields the additional hours that must be accounted for (80.3 in our example).
  4. Double this number to account for the final rest period (160.6 in our example).
  5. Divide this number into 24 to get the number of days. ( in our example).
  6. Discard the fraction and multiply the whole number by 24 (144 in our example) and subtract this number from the result of step #4. (16.6 in our example)
  7. Take the fraction (0.6 in this example) and multiply it by 60. This yields the number of minutes. (36 in our example)
  8. If this results in fractions, repeat step seven with the new fraction for seconds.
  9. If the result of step #2 is a whole number without fractions, subtract one month from the total

Our example yields two months, six days, sixteen hours and 36 minutes, plus acceleration and computation times.

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