APPENDIX VIII: Does the “Commonwealth Grand Dukedoms” Map include part/all of the Orion District?

-By Fireangel

A question that has arisen more than once.

1. Shannedam County Map (Legionnaire pp. 179) details the front lines of Shannedam County from New Janos) to Thapsus with a 50 LY grid, corresponding to the same map on TRO: Lev pp. 100 without the grid.

2. On said map, New Janus and Thapsus are approximately 550 LY apart (in rows).

3. TRO: Lev pp. 70’s “TOG Advance Against Shannedam County” map details all worlds in Finor (county), Shannedam and Keserdal Counties, allowing us to relate our previous map and determine the actual “height” of Alaric Pefecture/Grand Dukedom.

4. From Thapsus (Shannedam) to Moulton (Keserdal) we have 550 LY in rows. From New Janos (Shannedam) to Titter (Finor) we also have 550 LY in rows. The distance in rows between Titter and the Alaric/Manchester border is approximately the same as the distance between New Janos and Mula (200 LY). The distance in rows between Moulton and the Alaric/Grenbern border is approximately the same as the distance between Grusianus and Caralis (100 LY).

(550 x 3) + (200 + 100) = 1,650 + 300 = 1,950 (may be rounded up to 2,000 LY for convenience)

5. TRO: Lev pp.6 “Commonwealth Grand Dukedoms Map”; Alaric Grand Dukedom at its middle has 1,950-2,000 LY between the Manchester and Grenbern borders. Conveniently, this is about 1 cm on the map. With 1 cm = 2,000 LY, measuring from the anti-spinward tip of the Island Stars Grand Dukedom to the spinward tip of Potsdam Prefecture we have 28.75 cm (may be rounded up to 29 cm for convenience), which works out to 58,000 LY (56,062.5 LY if we don’t do rounding).

6. Comparing this to the Galaxy Map on TRO: Lev pp. 4 (which is reprinted as-is in other products), the Commonwealth “District” is almost 60,000 LY from its anti-spinward tip to its spinward border with Orion District.

7. CONCLUSION: The evidence is conclusive; the “Commonwealth Grand Dukedoms” map does not include any part of the Orion District whatsoever.

NOTE: Legionnaire (pp. 147) states that “The Orion District includes holdings in Shannedam County”. This indicates that the CW territories are actually “holdings” administered under the umbrella of the Orion District, but not yet included as an actual part of Orion District proper.


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