APPENDIX XI: Unit Naming Conventions

-By Fireangel

Legionnaire pp. 42 lays the foundation for naming TOG/RL units:

IV Century 3/9999th Infantry

Faction Century Cohort Legion # Legion Type
TOG/RL baseline IV Century 3/ 9,999th Infantry
CW variant 1 4th Company 3/ 9,999th Infantry
CW variant 2 D Company 3/ 9,999th Infantry

This is unsatisfactory on several levels; CW/RL organization permanently assigns Cohorts to Manii, TOG has well over 8,000,000 legions and smaller units are not addressed.

Smaller UnitsEdit

The Squad is the foundation of all infantry formations, comprising eight troopers, either foot or bounce. A single vehicle is equivalent to a Squad. Mechanized/Armoured Infantry Squads are comprised of one APC, its crew and eight dismounts.

By and large, squads are named First, Second and Third in TOG, although many RL units (including many Athena Legions) have adopted Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Some Commonwealth units, particularly training units, name squads A, B and C.

The Platoon is composed of three squads (with or without APCs) OR three vehicles. Universally they are named First, Second and Third, though on radio/comm transmissions they are often abbreviated into One, Two and Three (as are squads, for that matter).


Given that TOG does not permanently assign Cohorts to Manii, the Manus number (Primus, Secundus, etc…) is not important. In fact, within a Legion, the Manus is best known by its commander’s name.

In the Renegade Legions, despite permanent assignment of Cohorts, the Manus number is never given unless it is specifically important to the issue at hand, since its assignment is implied in the Cohort number (i.e. 3 Cohort is always assigned to Manus Primus, 7 Cohort is always in Manus Tercius). In many CW Legions, the Manus number is placed in parenthesis after the Cohort number (i.e. 7(3)/).

See Appendix XIa: TOG Legion Designation of Origin for larger unit naming conventions.

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