APPENDIX XVI: What is the size of District Grand Armies?

By: Fireangel

See APPENDIX II: Note on Military Formations above Legions for the definition of Grand Army.
See Appendix XIa: TOG Legion Designation of Origin for the definition and composition of Prefecturial Armiy.

Every Prefecturial Army provides one Corps to form the Grand Army of its district.

DISTRICT Number of
Number of
6-Corps Armies
Terran 350 58 1/3
Mom Pono 175 21 1/6
Ssora 104 17 1/3
Mochov 175 21 1/6
Dalvik 68 11 1/3
Orion 78 13
Sandarne 21 3 ½
9 1 ½
TOTAL: 1,009 168 1/6
(24 Average)

To these numbers are added Stellar (Constellation), TOG (Army) and Imperial Legions that may be assigned to the District.

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