Class: Light Grav Tank
Operators: TOG
Mass: 139 tons
Cost: 861,330 talents

Engine Rating (1,300)

Thrust: 8

Type (Location)
1 1.5/3 Laser (Turret)
1 100mm Guass (Turret)
1 TVLG (4) (Turret)

Extras: Digging Cannons


The Aeneas began as one of the largest bidding contracts in TOG history. In 6787 the TOG High Command put out a call for what became the Aenas giving contractors 2 years to create a design. Out of over 50 entries a design by Deitrick Architectural Designs, a small company with no manufacturing facilities. The TOG than requested bids for both a prototype and final construction from its major arms manufacturers while making it clear that more than one company would win the contract. In the end Globetech, LeBaron, Vincent ad Valiant, and TechTac Armaments won the contract for what became the TOG's main general purpose Light Grav Tank.

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