Class: Heavy Fighter
Operators: Terran Overlord Government
Mass: 96 tons
Cost: 3,266,500 talents

Right Engine Rating (850)
Center Engine Rating (800)
Left Engine Rating (850)

Thrust: 13

Type (Location)
1 5/2 Laser (R Wing)
1 5/2 Laser (L Wing)
2 Hardpoints (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


The Arcubalista is the product of a six-year joint development effort between the Imperial Navy and Nitor Aero Space. Originally conceived as an inexpensive high-acceleration courier for fleet-to-planet liaison work, the Arcubalista project has become a bloated pork barrel for Nitor and various members of the Imperial Naval Procurement Board. The Arcubalista`s mission profile has been changed four times to justify the gold plating given this light fighter. In contrast to the Martiobarbulus case, various Senators of all ranks have seriously criticized the Procurement Board‘s actions. Pressure has been so intense that the Board has had to approve the low-cost Funda for limited production. The Funda is currently being evaluated for many of the same missions that the Arcubalista was intended to perform. In all likelihood, the Funda will enter general production as a low-cost light fighter, while the Arcubalista will see limited service as a reconnaissance/anti-recon craft in the most active combat zones. Whether either craft will replace the effective and numerous Lancea is still debatable.

Only one sighting, near Grosianus, of the Arcubalista has been reported so far. Renegade Intelligence agents on Thapsus claim that an entire group of Arcubalista`s will soon be deployed, but Royal Intelligence is not sufficiently confident of their source to give this report much credence.

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