Class: Light Fighter
Operators: Renegade Legions, Commonwealth Armed Forces
Mass: 73 tons
Cost: 2,366,300 talents

Right Engine Rating (450)
Center Engine Rating (600)
Left Engine Rating (450)

Thrust: 10

Type (Location)
1 5/1 Laser (R Wing)
1 5/1 Laser (L Wing)
1 EPC-9 (R Wing)
1 EPC-9 (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


The Cheetah is the Renegade Legion's finest light fighter, a pilot‘s dream come true. The Cheetah has enough firepower to defeat most fighters and enough thrust to run from those it cannot. In the hands of a skilled pilot, a Cheetah can defeat TOG fighters up to twice its mass.

Since its introduction in 6815, the Cheetah has been deployed exclusively in a reconnaissance role. Jumping into a hostile System on an Escort-class ship, the Cheetah will make a high-speed pass through a system, carrying surveillance equipment in lieu of its Lasers, rendezvous with its mother ship, and jump out. Most TOG System defense forces do not have fighters that can successfully intercept a Cheetah using such tactics successfully, and the few fighters that can (the Lancea and Spiculum), are in for a hard fight.

The Cheetah has two main drawbacks: its paper-thin armor and its cost. Cheetah pilots, unlike Penetrator pilots, do not complain about lack of armor. Most feel that armor is used by bad pilots as a crutch to make up for their mistakes. Cheetah pilots are also never concerned about the cost of their ships, although the citizen who pays taxes is. Ton for ton, a Cheetah is the most expensive fighter on either side of the border. For these reasons, the Cheetah operates in small numbers and almost exclusively in reconnaissance squadrons. Squadrons with high-speed attack or defense missions are normally equipped with the marginally slower but more survivable high-thrust-modified Penetrator.

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