Class: Medium Fighter
Operators: Renegade Legions, Commonwealth Armed Forces, Naram Republic, Free Naram Forces
Mass: 123 tons
Cost: 3,067,900 talents

Right Engine Rating (1000)
Left Engine Rating (1000)

Thrust: 8

Type (Location)
1 7.5/2 Laser (R Wing)
1 7.5/2 Laser (L Wing)
1 EPC-18 (R Wing)
1 EPC-18 (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


Time and again. Commonwealth fighters of all classes have suffered heavy losses against the superior speed and firepower of the rugged Spiculum. The Corsair is a feeble attempt to redress that balance.

Designed in 6826. the Corsair mounts an almost exact copy of the Spiculum’s twin Promethium 1000 fusion engines. The Promethium engine has a narrow profile, but is relatively compact longitudinally. With these dimensions, the Spiculum is thin enough to be a difficult target to lock onto. while still being short enough to fit into a standard 150-ton fighter bay.

The Commonwealth propaganda apparatus has claimed that a Renegade commando team managed to steal the plans for the Promethium engine during an assault on the TOG factory. This team was supposedly aided by members of the planet‘s indigenous population. All these claims are obvious lies, however. First of all, the engine production facility is so many thousands of light years from the Commonwealth border that traitorous Renegade units could never operate that far from their bases without being destroyed by the TOG Navy. Furthermore, all life forms ruled by the beneficent TOG - be they citizens, plebeians, or slaves - have recognized the superiority of our form of government. Though a major fire occurred in the factory at the time of the supposed raid, there was no attack. In reality, the Commonwealth had to piece together the designs for the Promethium engines from the wrecks of the pitifully few Spiculums that their military has managed to destroy.

The Corsair itself has both acceleration and firepower equivalent to the Spiculum. The short-range firepower is greatly enhanced by the twin heavy EPCs mounted in the bow, although this firepower is gained at the expense of armor. The Corsair carries ten tons less armor than the Spiculum.

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