Class: Medium Fighter
Operators: Terran Overlord Government
Mass:141 tons
Cost: 3,033,100 talents

Right Engine Rating (1000)
Left Engine Rating (1000)

Thrust: 7
High Thrust Modification: 8
(w/Lasers Replaced)


Bow: 60
Right: 50
Left: 50
Stern: 60


Bow: 90
Right: 70
Left: 70
Stern: 970


Type (Location)
1 5/4 Laser(R Wing)
1 5/4 Laser (L Wing)
1 NPC 16 (Bow)
1 EPC 14 (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (R Wing)
1 Hardpoint (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


Introduced in 6789, the Cuspis was originally intended to use the ill-fated NPC/EPC weapon designed for the Verutum. In fact, the original Cuspis was to have been merely a larger version of the Verutum, with upgraded armor and larger engines.

At the time of the discovery of the Almach conspiracy, the development of the Cuspis had already reached a fairly advanced stage. Rather than cancel the project, the Naval Procurement Board decided to continue, but made modifications in the basic airframe so that the Cuspis could easily accept a standard NPC and EPC. The resulting fighter was much stubbier than the Verutum.

Even though the ship is not capable of full-atmosphere operations, it was given a unique twin tail configuration. This bridged tail provides a level of atmospheric stability not normally found in anti-gravy ships. Another interesting feature is its recessed bow hard point. When the bow missile is to be fired, it is lowered clear the fuselage, locked onto its target, and then released. Though early reports indicated this mechanism's tendency to jam, current modifications seem to have corrected the shortcoming.

At last report, the 3021st Interceptor Wing is the only unit operating the Cuspis in any numbers. Current estimates suggest that at least 36 and no more than 72 of the class are attached to the 3021st.

Combat EvaluationEdit

Despite being a dated fighter, the Cuspis has not outlived its usefulness. Its weapons pack a powerful punch at all ranges, and its armor is heavy for a fighter of its class. Many TOG pilots compare it quite favorably to the Spiculum. Engagement ranges for this class should be at 90+ kilometers. Friendly pilots should also utilize trans-atmosphere engagement tactics against this class.

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