Class: Light Fighter
Operators: Renegade Legions, Commonwealth Armed Forces
Mass: 83 tons
Cost: 2,019,100 talents

Right Engine Rating (750)
Left Engine Rating (750)

Thrust: 9

Type (Location)
1 NPC-9 (R Wing)
1 NPC-9 (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


Falcon light fighters patrol many of the border systems of the Commonwealth and are also popular with the Renegade Legions as a light attack fighter. In its original version, this craft was equipped with anti-grav atmospheric systems rather than streamlining. This changed after 6824, however, when the Falcon‘s anti-grav units were removed in favor of streamlining to allow the ship to operate more effectively in an atmosphere. Very few of the original model still exist in Renegade or Commonwealth inventories.

The Falcon is popular with pilots assigned to space-strike squadrons, such as those on carrier groups. The stronger-than-average forward shielding of this Light fighter allows it to accelerate directly toward a target, to fire its NPCs at 60 to 90 kilometers, and then to execute a 1 80-degree turn that presents its strong rear shields to any return fire. The Falcon‘s major weaknesses are the lack of short-range weapons, limited hard points, and its almost non-existent side shielding and armor. This lack of variety limits the craft‘s missions almost exclusively to space-strike roles.

Falcon squadrons normally operate with the Penetrator medium fighter. Together, the two types of craft support a variety of weapons and work well in consort. Tactically, the Falcons and Penetrators may engage a target at 90 and 105 kilometers, respectively. After weakening the target, the Penetrators will dose in to 15 kilometers while the Falcons provide a fighter screen to delay any TOG reinforcements.

Intelligence reports indicate that production of a modified version of the vessel has been temporarily shelved. This version (the Falcon II) would increase the side armor, introduce slightly Larger engines, and add an EPC 14 to the fighter‘s armaments.

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