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Far and Away: The Magazine of Speculative Gaming was a role-playing publication first published in April, 1990. Its premier issue featured an article for Interceptor.

Its entire run was two issues.

Issue #1 (April 1990) ArticlesEdit

  • Planetfall by J. Andrew Keith (Megatraveller)
  • The Compleat Starport by J. Andrew Keith (Megatraveller)
  • Optional Movement System and Scenario for Robotech RPG
  • Non-Military Craft for Interceptor (Renegade Legion)
  • Putting More Punch into Starship Combat (Star Trek)
  • More

April 1990 ... 60 pages ... Pacific Rim Publishing

Issue #2 ArticlesEdit

Faraway2 350
  • Time & Tide on Beowulf (2300AD)
  • Call to Arms, Scenario (2300AD)
  • Hi-Tech Battletech
  • Ally Spirits (Shadowrun)
  • You Are There, Scenario (Aftermath)
  • Beachcomber, Fiction by Mike Resnick
  • More

1990 ... 60 pages

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