Class: Light Fighter
Operators: Terran Overlord Government
Mass: 74 tons
Cost: 2,106,300 talents

Right Engine Rating (750)
Left Engine Rating (750)

Thrust: 10

Type (Location)
1 1.5/5 Laser (Bow)
1 EPC-14 (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (R Wing)
1 Hardpoint (L Wing)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


The Funda is the result of the Aquilo Corporation‘s attempt to develop a ship to replace the Lancea. Aquilo began this project in 6824, on its own initiative and without any TOG R&D financing.

Three years and over 5 billion talents later, Aquilo submitted a prototype Funda to the Imperial Navy for review. By this time however, the review board was also evaluating the Arcubalista, another proposed replacement for the Lancea. The Arcubalista had been a Navy project from its inception, and Navy development teams had been working closely with Nitor Aerospace for over six years on the project. Furthermore, the Imperial Navy needed the Arcubalista, and did not want to see some inexpensive, privately designed ship muddying up the normal procurement process. Aquilo was politely told “no.“

Though the Aquilo directors admitted that the Arcubalista was marginally superior to the Funda, the Funda was vastly less expensive and thus fit in with the TOG‘s new high-low design philosophy quite well. For every Arcubalista purchased, TOG could procure one-and-a-half Funda`s. As total rejection of the Funda would mean bankruptcy for Aquilo, the company‘s directors called in every political favor they had. With the support of Spectabiles Senator Sunmee Lee, Aquilo was able to persuade the Imperial Navy to order a small quantity of Funda`s for combat evaluation.

Currently, Commonwealth Royal Navy Intelligence reports one Funda flight operating in the Yols system. Renegade Intelligence has not been able to confirm this report.

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