Class: Medium Grav Tank
Operators: TOG
Mass: 273 tons
Cost: 1,617,700 talents

Engine Rating (2,000)

Thrust: 6

Type (Location)
1 3/6 Laser (Turret)
1 SMLM (2) (Turret)
1 50mm Guass (Turret)
1 AP Laser (Turret)
1 Vulcan II Anti Missile Defense System (Turret)
1 150mm Guass (Hull 1)

Extras: Digging Cannons


The Horatius is the standard TOG medium grav tank. It was originally designed by the IDAMAC-XLI computer after the required specifications for a new medium Grav Tank were fed into the computer in 6825. The original design called for the 150mm Gauss system to be in the turret and the Main laser and SMLM system to be in the body but the strain caused on the turret system by the large gauss cannon led to the current arrangement.

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