Ictus TOG Fighter

Class: Heavy Fighter
Operators: Terran Overlord Government
Mass: 181 tons
Cost: 3,586,900 talents

Right Engine Rating (550)
Left Engine Rating (550)

Thrust: 6

7.5/6 Laser (bow)
7.5/6 Laser (bow)
7.5/6 Laser (bow)
7.5/6 Laser (bow)
Hardpoints: 1 (bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0
Streamlining: Yes
Anti Grav: No


In 6922, the Imperial Navy decided to create a new attack fighter by modifying the Spiculum. By adding extra armor and weapons to a well-tried airframe, they hoped to get an easily-produced variant that would use most or all of the logistic and ground support of the Spiculum, thus saving design time and the expense and difficulty of setting up another logistic pipeline for the new fighter. Unfortunately for TOG, the prototype fell into Renegade hands when its test pilot defected; the ship eventually became the Commonwealth Peacekeeper. For security reasons this design was immediately cancelled, but the Naval Procurement Board was still determined to have its new attack fighter -- and now, one that could beat the Peacekeeper as well! After four years of design work, the prototype Ictus was ready and was immediately taken into service. The Ictus bears only a slight outward resemblance to either of its forebears, although many of the control systems and structural components are the same. While this commonality does simplify manufacturing and logistics somewhat, the benefits are not as great as had originally been hoped for. Tactically, Ictus fighters are used to support Spiculum squadrons if close combat is expected, since their very different weapons suites complement each other well.


A High Thrust Modification model exists, removing two of the 7.5/6 lasers for thrust: 7 performance.

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