Class: Medium Starfighter
Operators: TOG Navy
Mass: 114 tons
Cost: 2,821,650 talents

Right Engine Rating (850)
Left Engine Rating (850)

Thrust: 7

Type (Location)
1 5/3 Laser (R Wing)
1 5/3 Laser (L Wing)
1 EPC-18 (R Wing)
1 EPC-18 (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (R Wing)
1 Hardpoint (L Wing)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


The Idis is a medium fighter assigned to perform fleet strike missions, and it was produced in the wake of Imperial Navy studies of the Penetrator. In reviewing the Penetrator‘s performance, the Imperial Navy concluded that the ship‘s lack of lasers significantly reduced its combat effectiveness. They recommended construction of a new fighter to be equipped with lasers and EPCs to increase the chances of undercutting large segments of armor. Combined with a large missile bad, this weapons mix would make the Idis more effective than the Penetrator.

The Idis entered service in 6812, and has been a moderately effective strike fighter. Its weapons mix is very powerful, but its EPCs are effective only at short range. This means that the Idis must expose itself to more accurate defensive fire from its target than does the Penetrator. Against well-defended sites, the Idis is at a disadvantage in encounters with its Commonwealth counterpart.

Idis squadrons operate with 1027th Carrier Fighter Wing and have been assigned patrol duties on Olisipio.

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