Introduced in 6819, the Lancea is TOG's standard light reconnaissance fighter and interceptor. Like the Commonwealth's Cheetah, the Lancea's main claim to fame is its speed. In a recon role, the wing lasers are replaced with hard points and mounted with a variety of ordinance or surveillance equipment. With 11gs of acceleration, a high-thrust Lancea is one of the fastest fighters in the galaxy.

Like the Cheetah, the Lancea performs recon missions by being carried into a solar system attached to a escort, making a high speed pass through the system, then rendezvousing with the escort again to be taken back to its base.

The Lanceas low cost means that it can be formed into special anti-recon squadrons whose missions is to stop just such tactics. A stripped down Lancea is perfect for these kind of missions: it can intercept a Cheetah effectively and fire up to five missiles at it. Such missions are infrequent, however, and some squadrons sit for over a year before they get a crack at a Cheetah.

TOG has used this inactivity in an imaginative way; because its Lancea recon pilots operate alone and without direct squadron supervision, they need an uncommon mixture of self-discipline and self reliance. The "marginally incorrigible" pilots at flight school are assigned to Lancea units. The first few tours are always with anti-recon squadrons, where the time spent waiting for a mission can be used for instilling the necessary discipline. After the pilot has achieved the necessary mixture of adherence to orders and creative thought, he is assigned to a recon squadron. Consequently, anti-recon squadrons have the reputation of being the strictest and dullest units in TOG, while the recon squadrons are the most flamboyant.

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