Class: Medium Grav Tank
Operators: Commonwealth Armed Forces Renegade Legions
Mass: 273 tons
Cost: 1,636,350 talents

Engine Rating (2,000)

Thrust: 6

Type (Location)
1 5/6 Laser (Turret)
1 150mm Guass (Turret)
1 50mm Guass (Turret)
1 Vulcan III Anti Missile Defense System (Turret)
1 TVLG (4) (Hull 1)
1 TVLG (4) (Hull 2)

Extras: Digging Cannons


The Liberator is the standard medium grav tank of the Renegade Legions and also used extensively among their Commonwealth allies. It is based on the Opprimo, an older TOG design which defecting TOG Legions brought with them.

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