Class: Light Fighter
Operators: Terran Overlord Government
Mass: 80 tons
Cost: 2,327,300 talents

Center Engine Rating (450)
Right Engine Rating (500)
Left Engine Rating (500)

Thrust: 9
High Thrust Modification: 10
 (w/Lasers Replaced)

Bow: 50
Right: 40
Left: 40
Stern: 50


Bow: 50
Right: 40
Left: 40
Stern: 50


Type (Location)
1 5/2 Laser (R Wing)
1 5/2 Laser (L Wing)
TPP-9 (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (R Wing)
1 Hardpoint (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


The Manubalista was placed into production as a result of the delays in the Telum project. Because those delays were preventing construction of a test platform for the Thorium Plasma Projector, and the Mass Driver Gatling system, the TOG military began to cast about for another suitable test bed for these new weapon systems. Most of the major aeronautic firms could not design a ship within the year time-limit that the Board needed. Standard procedure called for at least two years of design and computer-simulation testing before the first prototype could be delivered. However, there was one small firm, founded by Retired Commodore Frazer Graf, that promised delivery of a prototype light fighter armed with a small TPP, within six months of a signed contract. TOG was desperate enough to try anything. Besides, Commodore Graf had a reputation for achieving the impossible. On Saguntum III, he had led the 3241st Strike Legion fighter wing to a singlehanded defeat of the 121st Commonwealth Legion.

Foregoing computer-generated solutions and accepted design procedures, Commodore Graft designed a totally new fighter based solely on his 40 years' experience as a combat pilot. As promised, the Manubalista prototype was ready within six months. To the amazement of everyone except Commodore Graf, the Manubalista was free of the minor flaws and glitches that plague most prototypes. Testing was accelerated, and in 6827, the Manubalista, virtually unchanged from the prototype, was issued to various Imperial Navy light squadrons.

Friendly forces have encountered squadrons equipped with Manubalistas at Wuj and Rolanitu. Pairs of Manubalistas are also reported assigned to protect small installations on Yols and Ve'Fros.

Combat EvaluationEdit

The Manubalista is a good light fighter. Its armor protection is superior to most light fighters, while its weapon and ordinance load is more than adequate to successfully perform a typical mission. Engagement at long range (105+ kilometers) is the preferred form of attack.

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