Class: Light Grav Tank
Operators: TOG
Mass: 129 tons
Cost: 825,650 talents

Engine Rating (1,300)

Thrust: 9

Type (Location)
1 1.5/5 Laser (Turret)
1 50mm Guass (Turret)
1 TVLG (2) (Hull 1)
1 TVLG (2) (Hull 2)

Extras: Digging Cannons


The Nisus Project was a failed attempt by TOG to build an effective recon vehicle that was powerful, well armored, and inexpensive. The resulting vehicle has only one characteristic out of the three, and may not even be inexpensive. The Nisus entered service in 6742 and saw combat in the same year. Since that time, the Nisus has received complaint upon complaint.

The main complaints about the vehicle are that it is prone to breakdown, that it cannot stand up to enemy fire, and that it is little value against any foe except garrison units. Though it has good acceleration, little else can be said in the vehicle's favor. Its armor and shields are weak. It is continually outclassed in weaponry, with only a 50mm cannon, a 1.5/5 Laser, and two TVLG (2)s. Its sensor gear was once considered fine quality but is now out of date and unreliable.

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