Commonwealth Grand Dukedoms - Potsdam Prefecture

TOG's Potsdam Prefecture, formerly known as The Commonwealth's Grand Dukedom of Potsdam, is a Prefecture in good standing within the TOG Empire.

Being the first Commonwealth Grand Dukedom to fall to the might of TOG, Potsdam is the oldest Prefecture in the District.

Note: Each TOG Prefecture has, on average, approximately 15 Provinces, and each Province has 40 to 50 inhabited planets, with (on average) 1.3 habitable planets per habitable star system.



Prefecture WorldsEdit

It is unclear to which province the following worlds belong


In 6729, after annexing the Naram Republic, TOG launched a surprise invasion of the Grand Dukedom using overwhelming force, under the pretense of “returning culturally significant worlds to our Naram brothers”. Many of the units used were raised from Naram volunteers but under Human command.

Nine months later, in 6730, after a blitzkrieg campaign with stunning early successes, the remaining defenders withdrew to the Ducal Capital. When the TOG fleet arrived in-system, the planetary senate capitulated, stating that the Grand Duke had died of a heart attack the night before.

Although it took almost six years to mop up the remaining defenders, the transition of power was relatively smooth and large portions of the overall population accepted TOG rule throughout the occupied territory. Within a generation, Terran education and ideals became the norm.

One of the first acts of First Consul Warren Mischenko when he came to power in 6779 was to declare Potsdam the newest Prefecture in the TOG Empire. Alan Juarbe, scion of one of the old Commonwealth Noble Houses and a TOG Navy veteran who fought in the Caverlil campaign, was elected its first Illustrus Senator to the Imperial Senate.

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