Alaric Prefecture - 6831

A protectorate is the designation given by TOG to a Province-sized region of space that has not yet established a Provincial Senate, but in which at least one world has elected a Clarissimi Senator.

Prior to the election of a Clarissimi senator, a protectorate is designated conquered territory, though the actual designation is more complicated than that; for all intents and purposes, a “protectorate” is comprised exclusively of worlds where there is a Clarissimi senator loyal to TOG, but no provincial senate, since other conquered worlds are either under military rule or under direct rule by a governor appointed by Caesar, an Overlord, the Lictor, a neighboring Prefecturial Senate or the Imperial Senate.

The proper size of a protectorate is determined by decree (usually by the prefecturial senate that will host the new Province’s Spectibles Senator), but usually mirrors that of the County being conquered. Under most circumstances, a protectorate’s Clarissimi senators begin the process of electing a Spectibles Senator as soon as they have quorum (as determined by “future province size”) and have selected an appropriate provincial capital, most commonly either the former County capital or the territorial military headquarters world.

As of 6941, the following former Commonwealth counties are TOG Protectorates:

  • Rift Protectorate
  • Yoventrov Protectorate
  • Birchshire Protectorate – With only eight Clarissimi senators on relatively poor worlds, active conflict or rebellion on other worlds, and little possibility of the County Seat falling any time soon, Birchshire holds little possibility of assembling a Provincial Senate any time soon.

The following Provinces only recently established their senates:

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