Class: Destroyer-class Carrier
Operators: Commonwealth Royal Navy
Mass: 653,649 tons
Cost: 3,576,128,097 talents

Right Engine Rating (25,000)
Left Engine Rating (25,000)

Thrust: 4

Type (Location)
50 15/30 (R)
50 15/30 (L)
10 37.5/30 (R)
10 37.5/30 (L)
10 37.5/30 (A)
25 37.5/20 (F)

Fighters: 144 at 300 tons (Two Groups)
Small Craft: 12 at 1,000 tons
Cargo: 5,000 tons
Crew: 1,129
Passengers: 50
Marines: 150
Extras: Anti-Grav Drives, Streamlining


The Raptor-class carrier is a canon warship for the Leviathan game detailed in The Wake of the Kraken game supplement.

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