Class: Heavy Fighter
Operators: Renegade Legions, Commonwealth Armed Forces
Mass: 156 tons
Cost: 3,382,300 talents

Right Engine Rating (1200)
Left Engine Rating (1200)

Thrust: 7

Type (Location)
1 7.5/5 Laser (R Wing)
1 7.5/5 Laser (L Wing)
4 Hardpoints (R Wing)
4 Hardpoints (L Wing)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


The first reported use of the Slingshot was in 6827, by the 721st Interceptor Wing. The TOG Imperial Navy had deployed three new squadrons of Gladius fighters to their sector and the 721st was taking heavy losses due to missile fire. After losing three wingmen to TOG missiles Flight Sergeant Jonatha Jenkins made an unauthorized field modification to her Avenger. With the help of her ground crew, she stripped out the Avenger's Mass Drivers and EPCs and jury-rigged it to carry eight missiles. Excess power was shunted to the shields. She also replaced her 5/4 lasers with a pair of 7.5/6s stolen from a Pegasus Corvette that was in drydock. On her next mission, Flight Sergeant Jenkins was credited with three Gladius kills.

Rather then being disciplined for her unauthorized modifications or her thefts, Flight Sergeant Jenkins was commended and the Slingshot design forwarded to the Joint Commenwealth/Renegade Fighter Operations Board (JCRFOB). The JCROFB has evaluated the new modification and has placed it into general production.

The Slingshot mounts eight hardponts, one more then the Gladius. It also carries two 7.5/5 heavy lasers as secondary weapons. The Slingshot is as well-armored as an Avenger and has an increased shield flicker rate. While the Slingshot cannot quite match the acceleration of the Spiculum, it can exceed the acceleration of the Gladius. The Slingshot has a disadvantage, however. Once the missiles are expended, the Slingshot can only defend itself with its two heavy lasers. Like the Imperial Navy, the Commonwealth has deemed that this disadvantage is more then compensated for by the increased short term firepower. It is doubtful that the Commonwealth Navy will be able to tactically deploy the Slingshot in an effective manner. Commonwealth missile doctrine is tactically unsound and in all likelihood Slingshot squadrons will be poorly used by their Commonwealth and Renegade commanders.

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