Tog spiculum sws01

Class: Medium Starfighter
Operators: TOG
Mass: 127 tons
Cost: 2,708,600 talents

Right Engine Rating (1,000)
Left Engine Rating (1,000)

Thrust: 8

Type (Location)
1 7.5/4 Laser (R Wing)
1 7.5/4 Laser (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (R Wing)
1 Hardpoint (L Wing)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


Say "fighter" to any TOG citizen and the image that immediately comes to mind is the Spiculum. Sleek and deadly looking, the Spiculum is a publicist's dream. Any telecast of a battle has the obligatory shot of a Spiculum flying through the fiery debris of an exploding Commonwealth ship.

With all of this hype, cynics would automatically assume that the Spiculum is a mediocre fighter, but the reverse is true. The Spiculum has tremendous acceleration, good defensive systems, good secondary armament, and carries a considerable punch in the form of missiles. The high speed, light secondary armament, and heavy missile load is the result of current TOG tactical doctrine and fighter deployment.


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