Class: Light Fighter
Operators: Terran Overlord Government
Mass:121 tons
Cost: 2,396,800 talents

Right Engine Rating (750)
Left Engine Rating (750)

Thrust: 6
High Thrust Modification: None


Bow: 50
Right: 40
Left: 40
Stern: 50


Bow: 70
Right: 50
Left: 50
Stern: 70


Type (Location)
1 TPP-16 (R Wing)
1 TPP-16 (L Wing)
1 MDC-G (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (R Wing)
1 Hardpoint (L Wing)
1 Hardpoint (Bow)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


Globetech Weapon Systems had been producing replacement parts for the Verutum for 50 years, as a result of acquiring a small production facility for those parts at the time of Almach Shipyards' liquidation. The Telum project began in 6824 when the TOG Procurement Board needed a combat testing platform (a fully operational fighter to test new weapons in actual combat) to test Globetech's Thorium Plasma Projector and the Mass-Driver Gatling for the Verutum. Having developed these two new weapons, however, Globetech wished to vertically integrate its operations to produce entire fighters rather than just sub-components.

Once the ICS and the Imperial Navy had given their blessings, Globetech began to modify the existing Verutum by installing larger engines, stretching the airframe, increasing the armor, and mounting two TPPs and one MDC-G. Unfortunately, the Globetech engineers made so many design errors that the Telum fell further and further behind schedule. The delay in the Telum program also slowed down the introduction of the TPP and MDC-G into imperial service. The delays became so interminable that the Imperial Navy finally decided to mount the TPP and MDC-Gs on two other fighters for combat testing rather than wait for the Telum to finally make its debut. It was not until five years later that the first Telum came off the assembly line in 6829.

Two to six Telum squadrons are now operating in the Shannedam County. Renegade Intelligence has confirmed sightings of the craft at Rolunitru, Wuj, and possibly Thapsus. Commonwealth Royal Intelligence reports an additional siting at Iol.

Combat EvaluationEdit

Even medium fighters will find the Telum to be a dangerous opponent. Though its acceleration is relatively low, it is well within the minimum necessary for combat effectiveness. The crafts armor and shielding protection are roughly equivalent to that of the Space Gull. The TPP has a limited effective range, but can easily undercut large segments of armor at close range. The MDC-G provides additional close-in firepower, while at the same time giving effective anti-missile protection. It is possible to negate the MDC-G's effectiveness by swarming the fighter with multiple missiles or by launching missiles in such a manner that the Telum cannot bring the MDC-G to bear in time.

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