Toledo cw 01

Class: Commercial Freighter
Operators: The Commonwealth
Mass: unknown
Cost: 20,575,159 talents

Right Engine Rating (unknown)
Left Engine Rating (unknown)

Thrust: 3

Type (Location)
Hard Point (turret)
5/4 Laser (turret)
5/4 Laser (turret)
Hard Point (turret)

Fighters: None
Small Craft: None
Cargo: 1,000 tons
Crew: 5
Passengers: 6
Marines: None
Extras: Anti-Grav Drives


The Toledo-class commercial freighter is one of the favorites of the merchant marines operating within the Commonwealth.

This vessel is constructed from the hull of the now retired FairFie-class corvette. The Royal Navy retired this class of ships nearly 50 years ago, and those that were retired underwent a total refit. The results was the new Toledo-class commercial freighter.

This commercially owned and licensed vessel has heavy armor and shielding available. It is equipped with two missile launching hardpoints and two smaller lasers for protection. Usually these ships can handle themselves quite well against a lone Fighter, at least long enough to jump out of system if it seems prudent to do so.

The independent merchants of the Commonwealth who own these vessels have found them very reliable despite their age.

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