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    The reason fighters start scenarios deployed is because in 99.9999999% of encounters, there is plenty of time to launch them before combat starts.

    Remember how T-space works; a ship needs to accelerate over a long period of time to enter T-space, and when they exit T-space, need to decelerate for an absolute minimum of 30 minutes (a thrust-5 ship dedicating full power to engines decelerating from the minimum T-space velocity of 30 hexes per 5-minute Lev turn), not taking into consideration matching vectors for the meet. On top of that, T-doppler will detect the ships approaching before they exit T-space.

    Simply put; the Renegade Legion universe is not like Star Wars, where ships exit hyperspace right on top of the enemy fleet, or the re-imag…

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  • Sings-With-Spirits

    Just a little list documenting the canon ships from Leviathan appearing on the Leviathan: Capital Ship Briefing that have construction rule mistakes.

    Rather than list the issues here, this list links to the relevant articles, where the errata has already been added.


    Dochendal-class destroyer
    Morkanium-class destroyer
    Seeadler-class light carrier
    Kruger-class destroyer
    Potemkin-class destroyer
    Warder-class destroyer
    Hornet-class light carrier
    Lexington-class light carrier


    Hipper-class Frigate
    Xerxes-class Frigate


    Kondracke-class cruiser


    Illustris-class Battleship
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    APPENDIX XXVIII: Fuel usage and storage in Leviathan and Interceptor

    By Fireangel

    One aspect of both space-combat RL games (Leviathan and Interceptor) that is both crystal clear and infuriatingly vague is the rules regarding fuel usage in space-going vessels.

    First, let’s get some basics out of the way through review: ships in RL come in two basic types; built with Leviathan rules and built with Interceptor rules:

    Interceptor-rules vessels (which we will refer to as “fighters”, for convenience, whether they are light fighters or 30k PF “patrol vessel” Escorts) can accelerate from a relative velovity of 0 to a velocity of 750 hexes per turn and descelerate back to zero… once. To borrow a term from Battletech: Aerotech, this is the equivalent of…

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    APPENDIX XLIX: Let’s Build a Colony

    Note: Original Battletech Universe article was posted on Forums; it is converted here from its original form into Renegade Legion.

    Let's build a Colony © 2011, 2012, 2016 Fireangel

    The first thing we need to figure out is "what kind of colony do we want?" This is an important question, as different types of colonies have different needs.

    Numbers given will assume a generally human-compatible environment, where extraordinary measures are not required for basic survival.

    A "Drop Colony" is one that is "dropped-off" complete, on-site and expected to thrive and survive for a long time; while new colonists may be brought in, the basis of the colony is monolithic; there are no further waves of colonist…

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    While I do find that the "all facings in target hex" clause to missile damage is *really* steep, I have to say that the main problem with the capital missile rules has absolutely nothing to do with the game mechanics; the main problem is the published scenarios and the minuscule maps used.

    The scenarios tend to be abnormally small formations, crammed on one or two mapsheets; practically starting the game within missile range. This goes against the whole point of design of the ships, which is "defense in depth" with squadron-level formations.

    Last summer I played a BB squadron-level scenario; my opponent used a number of custom Levs, representing a KessRith squadron (these customs included a Type:E DDG and a Hermes-expy) against my TOG Illust…

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