Class: Heavy Starfighter
Operators: KessRith Military, Renegade Legions
Mass: 153 tons
Cost: 3,507,600 talents

Right Engine Rating (1,250)
Left Engine Rating (1,250)

Thrust: 8

Type (Location)
1 1.5/6 Laser (Bow)
1 7.5/6 Laser (Turret #1)
1 EPC-9 (R Wing)
1 EPC-9 (L Wing)
2 Hardpoint2 (Bow)
1 Hardpoint (Turret #1)

Crew: 2
Passengers: 0
Marines: 0


Introduced in 6801, the Warspite heavy fighter gained its notoriety not because of its combat ability, but due to its then-new engine linking system. The Warspite's designers came up with a vast improvement over the standard linking Systems of the day, and the TOG military wanted to examine a functional copy, i.e. capture an intact Warspite Fighter.

Numerous raids were led on several key installations by ground forces in an effort to capture a Warspite. While the raids were a success, they did not achieve their objective. The secrets of the Warspite remained just that for nearly eight years, until the Lictor was able to bribe a Commonwealth pilot into surrendering his fighter intact. Now the linking system is standard on all fighters of both sides.

There was another innovation introduced with the Warspite that has become standard in Commonwealth fighters. The Warspite's cockpit comes in module form so that the ship can be quickly reconfigured to allow it to be operated by various races. These modules take less than two hours to exchange and make the Warspite a popular fighter with multi-racial units. Imperial Navy doctrine is such that multi-racial units are not found below the Flight level, and so no such expensive modification needs to be made.

Many veterans on both sides consider the Warspite’s day passed. Many attack squadrons have replaced their Warspites with Na'Ctka Moquka or Avenger class fighters. But at least one Renegade Legion unit. the l99th Fighter Wing, still utilizes the Warspite as their primary attack weapon. Combined with fast moving Cheetahs and Falcons, their wing maintains a higher kill ratio than comparable units stationed in the same area, kill ratios almost approaching that of the average TOG fighter wing.

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